Here Comes the Fun: Ingenuity Summer 2017

All work and no play makes everyone dull and grumpy every once in a while. And sometimes, a trip to the beach is all you need to get those gears grinding and those creative juices flowing again. To the sun-kissed and to the adventurous, here's Ingenuity Summer 2017!

On the 22nd day of April, coinciding with the celebration of Earth Day, we strapped our bags, packed our swim wears, and prepared ourselves for some dose of fun under the sun. It has been an annual tradition of the company to organize an out-of-town summer outing, and lucky enough, this year we have selected one of the more pristine yet charming destination in the Davao region - Kalinawan Resort in IGACOS.

A three-hour boat ride sounds boring - just sitting and looking out to sea in silence, right? Not this one. All the funny antics and jokes, the talk, and the numerous photo ops made the trip worth the hours. Time flies indeed for those who have fun!

A trip is never a trip without the documentation - bound to be posted later in social media. Like what we all like to say these days, "Pics or it didn't happen!"

Three hours or so after, we finally arrived. Looking down from the side of the boat, into the reef, and to the endless blue melting to turquoise sea beyond, every minute of the trip was worth it. We have found, for the weekend, our side of paradise.

After the long trip, Kalinawan finally delivered. Choose your adventure: swim in the vibrant, blue sea, float around and just relax, scale the cliffside or do some rappelling, or just get together with friends and while away the hours having your own dose of fun.

One can never get enough of everything. Swim, dive, splash around, or just float aimlessly if you don’t know how to swim!

To the braver, strong-willed ones, adventure awaits at the rappelling station just a short hike away from the resort.

But, of course, what underlines the whole trip was the bond that keeps the team together - forged in fire, so to speak, the night of the 22nd when the team got to know more about one another around the campfire.

Happy Summer from everyone at Ingenuity!

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