Ingenuity Halloween 2017

October just ended, and this only means one thing - the HALLOWEEN PARTY! And what's a good way for the Ingeneers to showcase their imaginative and artistic side but through their gorgeous and, well, ingenious costumes for this once-a-year creative extravaganza.

October 27 marks the celebration of Ingenuity's annual Halloween Party held at the Ingenuity HQ. The typical office setup of our headquarters, through wonderfully crafted designs and decors, prepared by Marlon, Peng, and Noel, suddenly turned into a stylish creepfest, which apparently accentuates the wonderful costumes made and designed by the team members themselves, for the night. As per this year's theme of Character, the room is indeed filled with diverse characters based from famous real and imaginary figures. With the official hashtag #IngenuityHalloween2017, it was indeed a fright night to remember.

To showcase it more, a Parade of Costumes, hosted by Athena and Diomari was held. Here are some of the "characters" who stood out during such Parade of Costumes:

JC as Khal Drogo

Jihad as Flint Lockwood (from Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs)

Regie as Ellis (from Left 4 Dead 2)

Athena as Alice (from Alice in Wonderland)

Brix as Harry Potter

Erlo as Ken Kaneki

Nikka as Wacky Waving Inflatable Tube

Vincent Jake as Mr. Poopy Butthole (from Rick and Morty)

Rene as L Lawliet

Betsy as Amy Winehouse (the deceased/zombie version)

Dayne as Star Lord

Riddick as Donald Trump

Ray as The Ghost Emoji

Jefford as Jafar (from Aladdin)

Jonie as No-Face (from Spirited Away)

Lorence as Forrest Gump

Mancio as Robin

Marlon as Witch

Mick as Jue Viole Grace (from Tower of God)

Peng as Princess Fiona

Diom as Peter from Heidi (though we really thought Jack Ma was more on-point. LOL)

Paul as Samson from The Bible series (or a typical caveman. We can't really tell the difference.)

June as Olaf (who likes warm hugs! Awwwww)

Hilton as Xander Ford (props for his dead-on pose! Woohoo!)

Maan as Athena, the goddess of wisdom

Rap as Kevin Crumb (from Split)

Marc as Jack Sparrow

Noel as Michael Myers (from Halloween)

Maam Karina as Belle (from Beauty in the Beast)

Sir John as Salt Bae

The artistic costume designs were not the only highlight of the night. The food, which is also inspired with the Halloween vibe of the night, may be freaky on first sight, but was definitely delicious that the rest of the team can't help but dig in to these frighteningly-sumptuous feast.

Food is def the top priority of any social gathering.

Even in the pantry, the Halloween vibes is still alive (or undead, if you may)

Don't be fooled. It's actually a sweet and yummy Red Velvet cake.

To boost the excitement of the party, a quick game of wit and musical know-how, headed by our resident game master Jefford, tested how our very own Ingeneers can guess songs and themes with only a few seconds of snippets.

Game face on!

Not sure if it's "Name the Tune" or "National Anthem"

Five teams battled it out for the win, but ultimately Team Joyots, who was first to earn 100 points, emerged victorious and eventually won the corresponding cash prize. Not far behind, with 90 points, was Lady and the Trump on second place, while Tin Dreams, Team ManComm, and Joyots Two placed third, fourth, and fifth, respectively.

Team Joyots' smile of victory, with its members Paul, Rap, Ray, Redmond, Mick, and Marc.

Of course, at the end of the event, the most creative and well-prepared costumes weren't left unnoticed. Redmond, as the pool party Lee Sin from League of Legends, was awarded the "Who-Are-You-Supposed-To-Be" Award, a prize given to the character costume that elicited more confusion than adoration (and perhaps because he was more-or-less mistaken as Mayor Lito Atienza. LOL), while our own Jack Sparrow, Marc, bagged two major awards - the Pinakapinag-hirapan na Costume Award, reserved for the most well-crafted costume, and the Most Liked Photo, after his photo was posted on Facebook with the official hashtag and managed to gather over 170 likes in a matter of hours.

Redmond as pool party Lee Sin. *cues Maynila theme song*

The photo that launched a hundred likes (172, to be exact). Congrats Koy!

But the real MVP of the night is the Inflatable Tube Man-inspired costume by our ever-adorable PM, Nikka, as she bags the Best in Costume Award. Her costume proved to be not only creative but also hilarious and witty as well.

More like a cross between an ottoman and Cookie Monster, if you ask me. LOL.

No ghost night would be complete without having some fun and bonding moments with team, as the rest of the night was spent partying, with some drinks, Karaoke, and Stranger Things binge-watching on the side.

You can check the rest of the photos of the event here or on the slideshow below.

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